Adventure Focused

We seek, we find and our blood thrives on the curious nature of discovering new places and experiences.  We are explorers! Who I am talking about? The people who call in risk taking action and might be afraid but to jump into spontaneous situations regardless of fear. The people who ask questions to gain bigger or deeper insight to a concept, it’s the curiosity that just pulls them in, and out. It’s the Star glazers, Whimsical Storytellers and Boundary Pushers. We challenge the people who contain the walls, and built in the traditional ways.  We believe the world and everything in it, is worthy of our attention.

Who shares these traits, characteristic and values with me? Does it make up and form  your way of life? I am fortunate to have found a partner in this lifetime to share earth and spirit adventures with, his name is Zen.  I would venture to say it’s a daily event that we  share something new with each other, and provoke an expansion of growth.  Perhaps it’s texting each other a quote from an audio book during the morning commute, or new song to dance or maybe it’s as big a planning a trip to Tibet. However it comes, the magic of exploring together is a special gift!A

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