Mediumship readings ( Available in ASL)

Have you been trying to navigate life but feeling lost and alone? Are you looking to heal from a loss of a decreased loved one or need help shedding emotional baggage?

connect with your spirit team

30-45 Minutes

Available In-Person or Online

Hi friend, My name is Toby Hana Lucas. You can call me Toby. As a Medium I work as a bridge to connect you with your spirit team to relay messages from the other side.

As an Evidential Medium, I deliver tangible information about your loved ones such as their names, how they passed, their characteristics and any special objects they want me to discuss. Once we have established who these people are to you, I move onto sharing their divine messages with you.

What you can expect from a medium reading?

  • Clarity on specific situations
  • Inner peace and closure after loss
  • Guidance for major life transitions
  • Feeling lighter and more connected
  • Healing from hardships and overcoming trauma
  • Awareness and insight on your soul’s purpose and journey

“I absolutely loved my reading!. Toby was amazing, she explained everything up front and was confident on the answers given, even if the messages didn’t make sense for her. It was beautiful!”
– Alex Knight

Toby Hana Lucas
Intuitive Medium

My approach: Warm and direct. I am Clairaudient (clear hearing), Claircognizant (clear knowing) and Clairsentience (clear physical feeling). I communicate with Spirit in all these ways.

Toby specializes in American Sign Language and can offer Medium Readings in ASL for the Deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

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