Infinite Receiving

Receiving, heard this word a lot recently? Gifts from the divine, downloads and the tiny millions of thank yous’ that can fill your day? Are you paying attention? Or does this woo stuff and laws of attraction/secrets just make your head nod. This post I’m talking about the goodness of letting go of knowing where it comes from.

I wanted to go to Banff for the ExpansionLIVE business and personal development conference; and I was scheduled to deliver my first talk there. How truly exciting, and what an opportunity to share the stage with so many professional speakers. ** Side note on this: This could be referred to as #4 Marunatings,  Don’t put anything or anyone on a pedestal. OF COURSE I had this wonderful opportunity to showcase a little more of who I am. Events leading up to this though, like a week before would get me really thinking ‘Maybe I am not suppose to go’. Biggest reason for this thought, my flight ticket was yet to be booked.  I couldn’t afford the flight, and the arrangement of swapping the speaker’s fee for a flight ticket was made with the organizer of the event. With multiple circumstances, that exchange couldn’t be made and I was presented with the situation of needing to pay for my own plane fair, if still wanted to attend in person.

In person, was it really needed? I couldn’t bring myself to ask for any money, I already owed! These thoughts twirled in my mind, as my partner and I canoed Balsam Lake.  I was distracted with not knowing what to do, but pulled my focused in to the environment and storytellings of Zen.  After camping for the weekend, we made a stop at a favourite restaurant, Sichuan cuisine. Don’t know it- enjoy here. And I cried, first time all weekend. I surrendered and said okay, it’s disappointing as heck but I just won’t be there in person.  Virtual will satisfy.

Arriving later that night at a new friend’s house for a potluck drum  dancing good time, my faced gave my defeat away.  Conversation in the kitchen quickly turned into ‘there’s gotta be a away to get you there’ ‘what about a go fundme page?’ To someone opening their wallets and throwing out $40 on the kitchen counter. Followed by multiple people opening their purses, and giving twenty after twenty. I was brawling, covering my face  to desperately content the immense shock of happiness that was coming out in the ugly cry. This was my third time meeting these wonderful people. Here they were cheering me on with one of the biggest acts of kindness I have experienced. Thank you, what I’ve come to learn since then is let go on the form on which something arrives for you to receive it.

PS Zen’s aeroplane points covered my flight, and the surcharges came to $220.  In that kitchen during the impromptu go fund me $240 was raised.


Adventure Focused

We seek, we find and our blood thrives on the curious nature of discovering new places and experiences.  We are explorers! Who I am talking about? The people who call in risk taking action and might be afraid but to jump into spontaneous situations regardless of fear. The people who ask questions to gain bigger or deeper insight to a concept, it’s the curiosity that just pulls them in, and out. It’s the Star glazers, Whimsical Storytellers and Boundary Pushers. We challenge the people who contain the walls, and built in the traditional ways.  We believe the world and everything in it, is worthy of our attention.

Who shares these traits, characteristic and values with me? Does it make up and form  your way of life? I am fortunate to have found a partner in this lifetime to share earth and spirit adventures with, his name is Zen.  I would venture to say it’s a daily event that we  share something new with each other, and provoke an expansion of growth.  Perhaps it’s texting each other a quote from an audio book during the morning commute, or new song to dance or maybe it’s as big a planning a trip to Tibet. However it comes, the magic of exploring together is a special gift!A

Our body as a talking stick

You’ve probably heard of the native concept of a talking stick. A wooden handheld tool to  indicate whose talking, and when they talk you my friend are usually required to listen. For many, including myself for many years never realized a voice that talks within us. I like to introduce to you, your body.

I have travelled to good number of foreign countries and studies linguistics but failing to understand my body’s language was key to owning my health and my emotions. Let me explain.

Our bodies talk to us all the time.  I really do mean ALL the time. Sending us signals to protect us, enlighten us and ultimately put us in a thriving mode. When we ignore, or totally deny hearing these messages we are deny ourselves of vital information. A really easy example of this would be the message you body tells you when it’s full and has had enough food. You know that what that stop sign looks like, the question is whether or not we obey it. Maybe we stretch it, slow down but keep going, however we choose to response is up to us my point is the sign was given.