Our body as a talking stick

You’ve probably heard of the native concept of a talking stick. A wooden handheld tool to  indicate whose talking, and when they talk you my friend are usually required to listen. For many, including myself for many years never realized a voice that talks within us. I like to introduce to you, your body.

I have travelled to good number of foreign countries and studies linguistics but failing to understand my body’s language was key to owning my health and my emotions. Let me explain.

Our bodies talk to us all the time.  I really do mean ALL the time. Sending us signals to protect us, enlighten us and ultimately put us in a thriving mode. When we ignore, or totally deny hearing these messages we are deny ourselves of vital information. A really easy example of this would be the message you body tells you when it’s full and has had enough food. You know that what that stop sign looks like, the question is whether or not we obey it. Maybe we stretch it, slow down but keep going, however we choose to response is up to us my point is the sign was given.


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