You’ve heard the statement, ‘there’s an oil for that!‘ and you’re wondering what heck does that really mean.. You’re also cautious because come on, it’s your health! And most likely your family’s too!

Trusting what to do is not always easy.  For me the wake up call to get in touch with my physical health was so profound, my body yelled at me. Aromatherapy become a tool I used to start to learn the language of my body needs, physical and emotional.

I started with three essential oils;

Clary Sage. * the oil of Clear Vision

Frankincense * the oil of Truth

and a blend called Whisper * the oil of Femininity

Any guesses from fellow my plant medicine folks out there as to what the main reason was for my original health issue?

Endometriosis. Major hormonal imbalances, buried emotions of guilt and shame. The need to learn to stand in their truth and power. Afraid to claim her full potential of being in the Feminine Divine Power. Unknown at the beginning, and in all the pain these experiences were needed to dive deep and bloom up into finding the root of my healing.

These oils, my plant allies have been true players in unlocking the gateway to understanding my body’s needs and I have witnessed time again the healing they bring to others.

Now, every bottle I open and smell has a purpose.

I believe we all can benefit from knowing about these natural tools.  Transparency is key in this busy world. Let’s unveil the mysteries of a natural medicine cabinet and empower our own health.

Want to watch quick two minute videos to learn more? Find them here.

Ready to start having your own truly magnificent experiences with these amazing oils?

Here are the steps to order:

  1. Go to
  2. Click ‘Become a Member’.
  3. Choose Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate : the only difference is if you want to some day sell these oils like I do you’ll need to share you SIN for tax purposes.
  4. Fill out all your info
  5. Choose your Enrolment Kit + any additional items
  6. Pay and Process
  7.  Watch for an email from me.  I’ll be contacting you to make sure you know exactly how to use your new oils!
  8. Your dō package with your oils will arrive at your doorstep. I can’t wait for you to open them to start this magic!

Our Born to Bloom Community shares how we love using the oils and and delightful diffuser blends inspirations. If you’re not already a member of the community, come on in sister! Click here. 

  • Not all oils are made alike. The industry does not regulate the words ‘ 100 pure ‘ therefore you really need to measure by your own means. I like companies that work with third parties to provide quality testing. To learn more on the company I choose to use please visit a wonderful insightful site called source to you.  

** we should always feel good about the purchases we are making. Because every thing we do is a vote; especially with our money.

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