Choosing to heal.

We when choose to heal, we will inevitably take a journey. When we choose to heal, to go up the next level up in our vitality it’s the same as ‘mr Baggins walking out his front door’ and the beginning of discovering something much deeper about yourself. When we choose to heal, there will be dragons. Gold and strange things along the way.

Everyone has a story that can connect with healing. It’s something we experience in many different forms , on going, multiple at times even. Our variations of experiences throughout our human life time. Healing could be the connection to being alive. A thriving pulse in our dna to flourish.

Through my own healing experience; some unconsciously and rudely awaken and others fully conscious with conviction both have served me to serve you with what I now know. Our bodies subtle messages and connecting the dots to unlock deep seeded issues and plant through the form of essential oils. When we combine essential oils nature’s own chemical compounds plus your biofeedback when you interact with them is SO POWERFUL!

And When I can give you an exact specific health + happiness protocol you have a personal recipe to work with.

That’s the magic this offer, check out my Plant Medicine Sessions below.

Unlocking these mysteries, reveals truth about who you are and why you are here.

Thank you & Sat Nam!

Reiki Healing

You know you need to do something to change how you are feeling. A shake up, a boost or a letting go.

Something to help shift your being into a more ideal way of living.

You are seeking a gentle pick me up and alignment in your energy.

Plant Medicine

45 min Intuitive reading on what your physical, emotional and spiritual body needs most at this time.

Our body is nature; nature is our body.

The session starts with tuning into your energy, a full body scan and specific essential oil protocols for your energy needs.

Womb Wellness

These are 60 min sessions and also sold as a package. It’s a partnering of doula love and guidance through preparing for pregnancy.

For nurturing your womb space, your caldron of you. Which ever cycle you dwell in- may your waters be clear.

Before working with Toby I was feeling totally overwhelmed and frustrated with a handful of health and wellness issues. I knew I wanted to try incorporating essential oils into my life, but had no clue where to start experimenting. During our call, Toby gave me the space to express what I felt needed support, while also reading between the lines of everything I told her. I was really impressed by the depth and range of her holistic health knowledge, which really put me at ease. While I had been focused on the physical, she was also connecting those dots to the energetics and emotions at play, and was able to paint a fuller picture of my wellbeing. As someone who’s a bit indecisive, I was really grateful for the way Toby worked with me to find just the right oils – my perfect match – that addressed my needs in a way that feels exciting and fun, rather than prescriptive.

I would definitely recommend working with Toby to anyone interested in a safe and holistic approach to wellness, and especially to those who aren’t feeling completely empowered in their mental or physical health. Toby brings an authentic warmth, compassion, and caring to her expertise, and I can’t wait to play with the oils we selected!

Bria Lear from British Columbia, Canada

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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