With over 15 years experience working intimately with emotions and behaviours, Toby provides a heart felt warmth during each of her sessions.

Are you hungry for more? Physically craving more zest and vitality in your life?

Then let’s talk energy!

You were made to bloom

An Energy Medicine addresses:

  • Trapped emotions
  • Depression
  • Forgiveness
  • Self -esteem & Worth
  • Receiving intuitive guidance
  • Discovering your purpose
  • Addictions
  • Held trauma in the body
  • Loneliness

How It Works

Book 1 Energy Medicine Session here

Our 60 min call together will take place on zoom.

Sessions can be recorded upon your request.

Your Energetic Report with Divine ‘homework’ is shared with you during the live session and Notes are sent out within 48 hrs afterwards.

Book 3 session package~ save $50

Same beautiful sessions as above with an extended mentoring and support.

Together we hold space for your healing. 3 session journey into knowing more of your depths and desires with accountability and a continued safe space to process.

Schedule as needed within a 3 month time period.

Book your session today!

My time with Toby was amazing, and I felt so safe and warm in her energy. Her messages were totally accurate, and her instruction and guidance was great. I highly recommend scheduling a session with her.


Let’s connect and work together

Each session will uplift and re shift your energy and perspective. It’s a guarantee you’ll be connecting with your body and emotions in new and profound ways.

Toby gave me the space to express what I felt needed support, while also reading between the lines of everything I told her. I was really impressed by the depth and range of her holistic health knowledge

– Bria

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