Thank you! ❤ You gave me something I needed, you opened one of my corked and hidden bottles of pain, so now I can process it. Beautiful and powerful!

Cheryl Janzen

Toby is a true Medium. I didn’t know what to expect but was thrilled with the results. She lovingly and beautifully set the intention for the reading and wow she did bring it! So much healing and love came through from the beyond. Highly recommend!

Safra Turner

Toby, I want to thank you so much for our call today. Just so you know, today is the first day in months that I have felt like I am getting back to myself again. my vibrations are higher, and I’m feeling energized in a way I have not for a long time. I love the breathing exercise, my son does too, and I just again want to thank you for everything!

Speaking with my Soul

“Toby is a phenomenal speaker. She speaks in a clear and concise way that moved me very deeply. Toby is captivating and is sure to capture the hearts of anyone who is lucky enough to see her speak”

~ Bailey Yates in Calgary during the Expansion Live Event

Jared Morrison

“Once in a long while a speaker will captivate your focus before they’ve uttered a single sentence. Before Toby had even said a word, I instantly wanted to know her entire story simply from the way she carried herself – with a sense of purpose, of peace, of knowing. Once she began speaking I, and the rest of the room was not left disappointed”